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Release of the new « Scandinavian Crime EP » containing the four brand new songs from Army Of Lovers on the « Big Battle Of Egos » album, but with focus on the new single « Signed On My Tattoo » (a duet with Gravitonas) this time around, and brand new vocals from La Dominika and Jean-Pierre on « Tragedy » and « Rockin’ The Ride ». 



Release of the second single from the « Big Battle Of Egos » album  » Signed On My Tattoo  » (featuring Gravitonas) including remixes by Alaa and Zoo Brazil.


Upcoming Videos and Releases

There are two new music videos in the making from the Army Of Lovers & Gravitonas Family :

– A video to new Army Of Lovers and Gravitonas single « Signed On My Tattoo », a duet between the two bands, being shot in Malmö April 20-21 directed by Fredrik Boklund for an early May premiere (when « Signed On My Tattoo » is released as a single featuring brand new club remixes).

– A video to the forthcoming summer single « Crucified 2013 », a brand new recording, with brand new vocals, of the Army Of Lovers classic produced by Niklas Bergwall with a planned June premiere. This video is also directed by Fredrik Boklund.



Army Of Lovers release their new greatest hits album called « Big Battle Of Egos » including four brand new tracks « Rockin’ The Ride », « Crashing Down », « Tragedy » and next single and planned video « Signed On My Tattoo (a duet with Gravitonas).
The cd is available on the www.cdon.com or on the Scandipop store here

The new album is also available on the Swedish I-Tunes, on Spotify, Amazon.fr, Amazon.co.uk and WiMP.


Rockin’ The Ride (Remixes)

Release of the « Rockin’ The Ride » Remixes EP on I-Tunes and Spotify.


Welcome to La Dominika !

The new incarnation of Army Of Lovers will feature La Dominika with Santa Camilla as a saint. Next will be a spectacular club performance at Kolingsborg in Stockholm on March 9. Finally « Signed On My Tattoo », one of the four new tracks from the Big Battle Of Egos album will be the next single ! The song is featuring Gravitonas. 


Army Of Lovers declare Sainthood for Santa Camilla !!

Below an open letter signed by the Army Of Lovers members to the Queen La Camilla …

Army Of Lovers declare Sainthood for Santa Camilla – and welcome La Dominika to center stage!

Our Dearest Beloved Sister Camilla, Our Hundreds of Thousands of Fabulous Loyal Fans, and The Chosen Few of the Rest of You Out There in This Cold Cold World who dare to care.

Please accept our sincerest and most heartfelt gratitude for the hilarious months of joy and happiness we have shared with You, Our Beloved Sister, during studio recordings, rehearsals, therapy sessions, interviews, and performances in connection to The Original Army Of Lovers’ participation at Melodifestivalen 2013. You are dearest to our hearts, You are forever Our Beloved Sister, You are the undisputed People’s Queen of Army Of Lovers. For all this, we are to You forever grateful.

Your performance at Melodifestivalen in Malmö – from Your fabulous entrance to Your royally ignorant attitude towards even hitting the lipsynching right – make Yours quite possibly the ultimate Army Of Lovers performance ever. Who cares about rehearsing properly in advance, or hitting the right notes, when the world really revolves around the Art of Entries and Exits? And since You practice this Art with the ultimate superiority, how could Your performance possibly be improved upon in any way whatsoever? It was flawless. You are flawless.

Our Beloved Sister, what was Your Melodifestivalen performance if not the quintessential celebration of the Talented Untalented, the Victory of Charisma over Substance, the Glamorous Amateur set against the Boring Professional, the Good Bad Taste against the Bad Good Taste, the Ethic of Anybody with an Attitude is born to be a Star? You personify all these qualities better than anybody else on this planet. You are the proudest Ambassador of the Heritage of Milli Vanilli, and for this we herald You as Our Eternal Queen of Punk!

However, the show must go on! There are wars to battle and win. Army Of Lovers have a huge task ahead of them, fighting hatred and intolerance everywhere until everybody on the planet can have sex with everybody else all of the time. In this year of The Reformation of Army Of Lovers – in all its various incarnations – it is time to take the next step. Just as generously as Dominika stepped aside to let You, La Camilla, and the boys reunite as The Original Army Of Lovers for Melodifestivalen, we now thank You for stepping aside to let Dominika take center stage in the next reincarnation of Army Of Lovers in this Golden Year of 2013.

We therefore today proudly declare Dominika to be La Dominika, and in return we award You the Ascension from La Camilla to Santa Camilla, The Enlightened Global Consciousness of Femme Fatale Hysteria, Our Living Saint! We will always kneel before Your Altar on every stage we enter. You will always be with us in our hearts. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for Everything!

The Committee for The Continuation of The Reformation of Army Of Lovers

Alexander Bard / Jean-Pierre Barda / Dominika Peczynski / Michaela Dornonville de la Cour
 / Camilla Thulin



Release of the new single « Rockin’ The Ride » (produced by Gravitonas). Available on I-Tunes https://itunes.apple.com/album/rockin-the-ride-single/id607993475 and Spotify


NEW Original Army Of Lovers photos

Exclusive original photo with Army Of Lovers available on Tradera. This unique photo is one of two prints that was manufactured as the prototype use for the production of the upcoming Big Battle Of Egos album. Click on the link to know more about it : http://www.tradera.com/army-of-lovers-rockin-the-ride-original-foto-18×24-prototyp–auktion_340984_176109675



This is the artwork and new promotional pictures for the new Army Of Lovers compilation « Big Battle Of Egos ». Scheduled for a March release. This new album will feature 4 new songs including Rockin’ The Ride as well and 12 Army Of Lovers classics ! More information soon.



It’s time for us to show you the brand new Kinky Kong style of Army Of Lovers 2013 ! Our amazing team including Camilla Thulin, Carl-Johan Paulin, Annika Stödberg & Robin Karlsson have worked hard with Army Of Lovers to revamp the cultissim Crucified artwork! Check out the digital sleeves for the Rockin’ The Ride single here!


Rockin’ The Ride « Remixes »

The remixes of « Rockin’ The Ride » will be made by Gravitonas, Adam Rickfors, NORD, and SoundFactory.


BIG BATTLE OF EGOS … and some other things

Army Of Lovers will participate in the fourth and last semifinal of the Swedish elimination for the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö on 23 February with the song « Rockin’ The Ride ». This is the first time in 12 years that Army Of Lovers perform together. It is the original trio version of the band from the early 1990s, with La Camilla, Alexander Bard, and Jean-Pierre Barda, which represents Army Of Lovers in the contest.

« Rockin’ The Ride », written and produced by Gravitonas with Henrik Wikström and Londonbased DJ Per QX, is also the first single from the forthcoming Army Of Lovers album « Big Battle Of Egos », which will be released on SoFo Records through Universal Music in March. The album contains four brand new tracks (including a co-write with Fredrik Kempe and Anders Hansson) plus 12 classic Army Of Lovers hits. A second single is planned for the summer of 2013 when Army Of Lovers also hope to be able to make some yet to be announced live performances with a yet to be announced line-up.


There are many home altars among Army Of Lovers fans that look like this…



Army Of Lovers is on the cover and inside the February edition of QX Magazine. Aren’t they tragic in their mafia style ? © Photographer Peter Knutson and QX. Download the February issue here


Launch of the new website

Welcome to the new Army Of Lovers website !
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  • 2012 - November 26th

The big shocking-amazing-stunning surprise…

Army Of Lovers announce officially their comeback and their participation at the Melodifestivalen 2013 !